Transport Management Software

TMS 360 is a custom build Transport Management software that ensures you can track & trace all the activities related vehicles/trucks, drivers , loading, unloading, enquiry, quotation, & invoicing from base 0° to 360° entire engagement features into the workplace. It is cloud-based software, enables the progressive mapping for simplified truck/lorry management & driver management & all other transport management processes in the organization. From enquiry to delivery of the material from source to destination with fruitful engagement to transform transportation strategies into productive business outcomes.

  • HRMS
  • Vehicle/Truck Management
  • Driver Management
  • Box Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Detention Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Loading Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Tracking

TMS Challenges

  • No Timely/Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance:
    which impacts life of the vehicle & reduces the productivity of the vehicle as well as increases the cost at the time of next maintenance.
  • No Pre Alerts For Vehicle License & Insurance Renewals:
    it causes heavy monetary losses if any mis-happening occurs
  • No Pre Alerts For Driver License & Visa Expiry:
    it creates problem for drivers & company as well – again cost incurs in hiring process.
  • No Records For Expenses on Vehicle Maintenance:
    company has to bear inappropriate & unapproved expenses
  • No Reports For Drivers & Vehicle availability:
    it reduces the efficiency & productivity of the backend team in checking out the availability of the vehicle & driver
  • In-appropriate Detention Management:
    it imposes unnecessary detention charges on the company

Benefits Of TMS

  • Centralized Administration
  • Maintain drivers history & records
  • Maintain drivers documents along with expiry alerts
  • Define Vehicle type & license
  • GPS location tracking of driver & truck
  • Manage detention free Days
  • Manage detention charges
  • Alerts & Reports before expiry of vehicle insurance
  • Driver & Vehicle Allocation
  • Allow schedule maintenance of vehicle along with alerts
  • Create & sent quotation on the basis of enquiry
  • Box management with the license details along with expiry alerts
  • Reduction of waiting time while loading
  • Human Error Cancellation

Features & Utilities

  • Authorize admin controlling
  • Human resource entity management such as profile, branch, company, department, designation and locale
  • Easy to maintain driver documents like license & passport
  • Notification before the expiry of driver license & passport /visa
  • Easy to maintain truck/lorry documents like license & insurance
  • Notification before the expiry of driver license & passport /visa
  • Evidently add new employee without perturbing the existing system
  • It Automates the vehicle & driver management process
  • Automated real time allocation of driver & truck for the new job
  • Real time GPS location tracking of truck/vehicle & driver
  • Formulated & well structured proactive maintenance management system to ensure that all the vehicles periodically inspected & serviced.
  • Schedule for vehicle/truck maintenance with reminders on time
  • Integrated enquiry management & quotation management
  • Intelligent reports for vehicle & driver availability
  • Smart order management system to monitor & complete the orders on time.

Technical Benefits

  • Runs on cloud based system.
  • No requirement of additional hardware or software installations
  • Smart and robust design.
  • User friendly interface
  • Role based restricted access and highly secure architecture
  • Supports multiple browser including Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Hassle free accessibility tends to accurate task completion
  • Provides full fledged competencies for transport manager and other organizations activities