Know Your Lead Prospects Better

SFM 360 is an evolutionary cloud based employee tracking software solution to help the organization to simplify sales process & sales force tracking and maximize employee engagement to transform strategies into measurable business outcomes. SFM 360 is useful in employee location tracking, employee monitoring & route tracking as well as in capturing their journey details.
SFM 360 encompasses the integration of all processes from leads generation to sales & employee tracking application that ensures staff are acquired and used in an effective way. Tracking application also helps in attendance tracking of the employee by punching their attendance through the application. Lead intelligence module in the software will help representative to formulate a strategy for engaging with their prospects, gain their interest and trust, and develop a relationship that leads to a closed sale & also equipped the team leader to track & monitor his sales force on the field. Sale pipelining will be improved by using Sales Force Management Software heck to develop innovative lead management strategies that incorporates lead nurturing, lead scoring and marketing automation.

  • Administrator
  • Employee Induction
  • HR Management
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Assignment
  • Employee Tracking
  • Meeting Management
  • Sales Management
  • BDM/BDE Dashboard
  • Notification Utility
  • Reports
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Accounts Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Debtors Management
  • Tracking of field employee through android App
  • Location Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking With Location

Challenges In sales & marketing

  • No knowledge of sales representatives current location.
  • Delay in report submission for meeting status.
  • Inaccurate expenses reports.
  • Attendance of field executives.
  • Difficult to train new employee about location of Client.
  • Total number of calls done by calling executives.
  • Reminders for follow ups.

Features & Utilities

  • Authorize admin controlling
  • Field employee location tracking
  • Attendance Punching from mobile application
  • Meeting feedback through mobile application
  • Journey details of employee on the field through GPS on google maps
  • Mobile activity tracker
  • User can define hierarchy as per the requirements of their process
  • Claiming of travelling expenses from mobile application
  • Trip distance calculator-distance travelled to visit client’s place
  • Capture, nurture and convert leads into opportunities
  • Updated status while tracking of leads
  • Lead Filtration by the source, status and deep analysis
  • Master report (sales, Meetings, Revenue, Expenses, Debtors etc)-management can access all the reports from this master report
  • Lead Assignments & Reassignment
  • Easily integrated with other software
  • Lead Transfer utility from one member to other
  • Utility of Import/export from Excel
  • Lead activity reports
  • Follow up feature with notification
  • Notification for Lapsed Meetings/follow ups on the dashboard
  • Maintaining Client Accounts for payment purposes
  • Rights Assignment according to Hierarchy
  • Comes with features like receipt’s management & debtor’s management

Benefits Of SFM360

Benefits of the software are as follows

  • Leads to an increase in productivity with reduction in pilferage of productive time.
  • Employees are conscious that they are monitored and therefore manage their calls as per schedule leading to more productivity & better customer service
  • Reduces the Employer’s cost towards conveyance expenses as employees can’t overstate their kilometers travelled.
  • Reduces Turn Around Time (TAT) for Employer. In case of urgent call, Employer can find out the nearest employee & can address him to attend the call in shortest possible time
  • Reduces Employer’s time on managing a large team. Instead of calling & coordinating with them, he can mange affairs sitting at his desk right from his computer
  • Employees cannot bluff in front of Employer as the tracker will not only track their movement when their internet is ON but also when internet is OFF and why it was OFF
  • More Expeditious performance as compare to manual processing
  • Easy to maintain employee records and profiles
  • Software tools helps you to accumulate buyers persona and brief contact details
  • Enables tracking and optimizing working strategy lead towards opportunities
  • Entire sale pipelining get improved, accordingly expert will tackle the conversation so the lead won’t dropped
  • Empower the manager to keep an eye over sale cycle, from generation of leads to opportunities via Lead tracking system
  • Easy handling and managing of software without requirement of rigid training support
  • Software exclusively develop so that it can be compatible with various service industries and business sector
  • Software is adaptable to acquire customization as per business need at nominal cost
  • Allows efficient follow up tracking meanwhile nurturing the potential leads towards opportunities
  • Highly secured and comply transparency between admin and multiple users
  • No option of Data Redundancy
  • Enables faster response to the clients
    In a nutshell....
    • It Increases productivity of employees
    • It increases revenue for the employer
    • It helps in saving Time, Fuel and Overtime Related Challenges

Technical Benefits

  • Runs on cloud based system.
  • No requirement of additional hardware or software installations.
  • Smart and robust design.
  • User friendly interface
  • Role based restricted access and highly secure architecture
  • Supports multiple browser including Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Hassle free accessibility tends to accurate task completion.
  • Provides full fledged competencies for Human resource manager and other organizations activities.