Get Ready for Cloud- Driven School Campus Management

SCM 360, acronym for School Campus Management comprises all round 0° to 360° management modules reside in school premises. It is an ERP based on cloud system, to automate and streamline school management activities and reduce the operational cost. Intelligent reporting system optimizes planning and decision-making at faster rates. Allows to get involved in quality teaching, and time consumption in timetable management, attendance, and grade report generation will be minimized.

  • Employees Management & Payroll
  • Pre & Post Admission
  • Student Record
  • Academic (Syllabus & Time table)
  • Student Attendance
  • Fee Management
  • Examination
  • Assignment & Home work
  • Library
  • Transportation
  • Hostel
  • Inventory Management
  • Expenses & Payment
  • Visitor Management
  • News & Update
  • Help Desk


To Admin : Mileage The Administrative Efforts

  • Decorous registration and admission process
  • Mitigate staff and infrastructure investment
  • Accurate monetary management for student fee and staff payroll
  • Economically expedient
  • Easy access for specified department to the centralized database
  • Enhance accuracy by eliminating the human fallacies
  • Least manual efforts required for tedious tasks that leads to more developmental activities introduce by staff from their spare time and fresh minds
  • Real time data analysis for management
  • Single solution to manage academic, accounting and administrative process

To Parents : Acknowledgeable Guardian

  • Provides access to ward’s attendance records, examination results and academic curriculum.
  • Enable intimation of upcoming events and other curriculum activities
  • Quick feedback on child’s performance from teachers
  • Online notice board and information about houses and clubs
  • Helps in easy and open interaction between teachers, parents and management.
  • Provides the ability to monitor the performance of their ward from anywhere any time.
  • Quick access to all the information related to child.
  • Saves time and resources in communication with the management of institute.

To Teachers : Faculty’s Brilliance And Innovative Initiatives

  • Conduct online examinations, attendance and result management
  • Efficient collaboration of staff and guardian regarding an individual student
  • Easy implementation of Online activities with timetable scheduler
  • Automate the attendance record management system
  • Intelligent analysis via automated reporting
  • Manage proper student profile
  • Easy evaluation of student performance, generate accurate grade
  • Improves the teaching strategies, smart teaching leads to easy understandability

To Students : Insightful Student

  • Smart notice boards, notified academic activities and curriculums
  • Enable updates for upcoming events and activities
  • Real time access to attendance, results, timetable and examination schedule
  • Digitally access of home work & assignment.
  • Acknowledgeable Guardian
  • Provides access towards attendance records, examination results and academic curriculum
  • Enable intimation of upcoming events and other curriculum activities
  • Quick feedback on child’s performance from teachers
  • Helps in easy and open interaction between teachers, parents and management

Features & Utilities

  • Authorize admin controlling
  • Interactive Dashboard for Administration, Faculty, Accounts, Librarian, Transport, Student & parent to quick access of monitoring values & information
  • Interaction between Administration, Faculties & Staff through Chairman Message, New & Update, Announcement, Opinion poll, Suggestion box & Discussion forum
  • Employees’ problem resolution through “Help Desk” utility
  • Biometric Integration with software for staff attendance real time tracking
  • Different structural reports of monitoring values
  • Automatic SCM 360 utility on circular & news update to staff & parents with customizable SCM 360 template
  • Different login utility for administrator, faculty, librarian, transporter, student & parent

Technical Benefits

  • Runs on cloud based system
  • No requirement of additional hardware or software installations
  • Smart, robust and customizable design
  • User friendly interface
  • Role based restricted access and highly secure architecture
  • Supports multiple browser including Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Hassle free accessibility lead to accurate task completion
  • Provides more focus on learning to the student, suffice the main motto of institutions