Mitigate Manual Efforts For Inventory Control

As the digital world is evolving, inventory control should also need to digitalize. To digitize your inventory control Absolute webtech offers its software service for inventory management, enables to work smartly and manage inventory controlling efficiently. As inventory construes of inflow and outflow of items and good in warehouse, so to maintain you inflow from the production need to acquiesce the required outflow generates from sales and marketing department. Such circumstantial controlling can be maintain once deep analysis will be drafted over the departmental itemize figures. Absolute inventory management software solution incorporate the functionality of manufacturing inflow via warehouse to the sales opportunities concludes a smooth running of an industry that fulfils the supply and demand of product at the time of requirement. Software maintains confidentiality of your data and manage it with accounting program that includes tax, pricing scheme, cost with unit of measure automatically comply with industry standards. Absolute software facilitate professional look to your inventory management system by print or email, custom branded invoices sales and purchase order to your customers and vendors. Hardware compatibility is also available in Absolute Inventory management software.

  • Sales & Purchase Orders
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory visibility across locations
  • System directed picking and putaway
  • Comprehensive stock management
  • Cycle count, adjust/move inventory
  • Barcode scanning and generation
  • Stock transfer across sister warehouses
  • Procurement management
  • Raise and receive purchase orders
  • Inbound quality check and putaway
  • Auto ordering based on threshold norms
  • Supplier communications & management
  • Vendor stock management
  • Sales returns tracking
  • 3-5 level Inventory Management
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility
  • Vendor management
  • Multi User
  • Multi currency
  • Accounting

Features & Utilities

  • Admin control to understand the basic structure of inventory control
  • Controlling can be access remotely
  • Calculate taxes, pricing schemes, cost and unit of measures automatically
  • Proper management of invoices, sales/purchase orders, packing slips, pick slips, box labels and more
  • Organize products by category and location
  • Run custom reports
  • Dashboard access to see cash flow, sales, profit, cost and outstanding balances
  • Allows multi-user mode to connect concerned candidate to same database
  • Report generation according to customize time intervals
  • Comprehensive itemize detail records
  • Hardware compatible inventory management system, integrate barcode scanners to improve your inventory accuracy and efficiency

Benefits Of Inventory Management Software

  • Software allows intelligent analytics of Inflow and Outflow of goods
  • Generate durational reports
  • Cordial management with incumbent departments of inventory control
  • Synchronize the requisite departmental activities
  • Enables warehouse automation
  • Mitigate the unwanted redundancies
  • Barcode kind of hardware can be integrated with Inventory management software
  • Manual fallacies will be eliminated
  • Enables professional prospect to the inventory via custom branded invoices sales and purchase orders
  • Well-ordered management for inventory control
  • Transparent running allows you to figure out errors haste
  • Easy tracking of goods via product Id or invoice numbers
  • Efficient record keeping with complete paper trails
  • Saves time by collaboration via sharing of same database

Technical Benefits

  • Runs on cloud based
  • No requirement of additional hardware or software installations
  • Smart, robust and customizable design
  • User friendly interface
  • Role based restricted access and highly secure architecture
  • Supports multiple browser including Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Hassle free accessibility lead to accurate task completion
  • Provides more focus on learning to the supervisors, suffice the main motto of inventory management control