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Now Introducing Absolute™ Operations

Production Management:

Absolute™ Operations provides production in which you can manage all your production activities whether it is a Running Production Process-Wise Production Or Job Wise Production.
In process-wise production you can create your own processes & can set your input & outputs of every process as per your business requirements.

To manage the Production Absolute ERP having.

BOM Creation :
ERP will create the BOM automatically if you will put the quantity you will produced, you have set the components of the finished items of that particular item from the settings.
It will show you the required quantity to make that item, available quantity in the store & how much you have to purchase to make that item.

Stock Requisition :
Production department or any other can send requisition of the required material to the store as per their requirement of the stock.

Stock Issuance :
After getting the approval from the authorized personnel, store can issue the raw material to the production team.

Manage Daily Production :
You can update your daily production in number of units, accordingly it will reduce your inventory from the store & the finished goods produced will increase the stock of finished product in the store.

Quality Check Daily Production :
The finished goods produced by the production department will go to the quality check & the authorized personnel will approve & reject the products with the remarks. Approved products will go to the finished stock inventory.

Barcode Generation :
You can generate & put the barcode for every approved product (finished goods).

Warehouse Entry :
All the approved products automatically will into the warehouse without screening the barcodes of the products you have generated.

Stock Balance Reports :
At the end you will get real time updated inventory visibility across all the warehouses. You will reports like production register, finished goods stock report, raw material stock report etc.

Absolute™ Operations allows you to keep up with work.
Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

a Modern Cloud-Based ERP designed to ease your workload.
It is also seamlessly integrable with other Absolute™ ERP Modules. Customization has never been this easy before!

Sometimes before you are convinced to buy a product, you need to see it in action first.
That’s what demos are for.

Features at a Glance

Cloud Based Solution

User Friendly Interface

Unlimited Users

Device Responsive

Unlimited Storage

Multi Language

Multi Currency

Detail MIS & Reports

Training and Implemetation

Professional implementation, training, help and support services are an in-built part of all Absolute™ ERP Modules


User Training

AQC offers on-site instructor-led training sessions before implemention. These sessions are tailored to user preferences. These training sessions are typically conducted in a series of two or three hour sessions.


Implementation Services

This service is designed to integrate Absolute™ ERP with your technical architecture, managerial systems and procedures.


Multiple Company in One Login

Branch Management with Consolidated Reports

Capturing of Logs for Changes

Alerts & Notification

Hardware Integration

Third Party Application Integration through API

Warehouse Management

Help and Support

Help and support services are offered from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GST on standard business days. This includes application support and technical support.


Application Support
Addresses issues regarding functionality, basic software configuration, setup and other issues related to user interface and training.


Technical Support
Addresses issues regarding software updates, database issues, import and export processes, integrations with other systems, also troubleshooting related network and email issues.


Our help and support services also provide access to periodic automatic software upgrades.

Functionality of Absolute™ ERP


Absolute™ ERP is a cloud based solution that allows you to keep up with work anywhere, anyway, anytime.

User-Friendly Interface

Absolute™ ERP has been designed to give our customers an impeccable experience, making navigation simple and the software easy-to-use. Functionalities are thoughfully organised and categorized by relevance.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Absolute™ ERP is now backed with an in-built Multi-Warehouse Management which helps you keep track of all your inventory items across multiple locations. It makes running a business extremely convenient, quick and effortless.

Damaged Products

Absolute™ ERP helps you keep track of your damaged products along with their cost, quantity and reason.

Smart Search Bar

Absolute™ ERP is equipped with smart search bar that allows you to search with absolute ease. You can now filter information based on any criteria: date, brand, category, type, supplier, customer.

Customizable Add On

Absolute™ ERP is built for your ease. With integration easily possible with other Absolute™ Modules, your inventory can now be much more than just stock management.

Unlimited Users

Absolute™ ERP allows you to invite unlimited users. You can now define their roles and assign access rights to them accordingly.

Device Responsive

Absolute™ ERP has an RWD (Responsive Web Design) such a design makes the software automatically adjust and adapt to any screen size whether it’s your desktop, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone.

Rental Inventory Management Add On

Absolute™ ERP can also be upgraded with an add on of Rental Management Module. Once upgraded you can instantly see what’s available or checked out from your inventory. It also features rental invoice and a ‘Return’ option for receiving your rented items back to the inventory.


Absolute™ ERP allows you to adjust inventory both by increasing or decreasing it in case of theft, loss, damages and/or errors in the amount or number of items received. This function makes adjustments hassle-free and with just a few clicks you can match the stock records with the actual physical inventory.

Branch Management Add On

Now you can easily integrate Branch management with Absolute™ ERP and manage your numerous company branches under one single login.

Hardware Add On

Mobile Scanner

Absolute™ ERP is now compatible with a Mobile Scanner. If you scan products on-the-go, then a Mobile Scanner is an ideal choice for you. You can also reach out to our team at AQC to learn more about the desired configurations.

Bluetooth Scanner

Absolute™ ERP is now compatible with a Bluetooth Scanner. You’ll need to be within a range of maximum 30 feet or 10 meters from a computer system, only then a Bluetooth Scanner is an ideal choice for you. It can easily be paired with a smartphone or a tablet. You can also reach out to our team at AQC to learn more about the desired configurations.

USB Scanner

Absolute™ ERP is now compatible with a USB Scanner. If you scan products at a computer location, then a USB Scanner is an ideal choice for you. You simply need to plug it in the computer and start scanning. You can also reach out to our team at AQC to learn more about the desired configurations.

Thermal Printer

Absolute™ ERP is now compatible with Thermal or Label Printer. You can also reach out to our team at AQC to learn more about the desired configurations.

Integrations Add On

Absolute™ Accounts

Now easily integrate Absolute™ ERP to Absolute™ Accounts for a hassle-free accounting experience, as the software seamlessly impacts your accounts with every inventory movement.


Absolute™ Production

Absolute™ ERP is also integrable with Absolute™ Production which allows for a seamless bifurcation of the desired number of processes that help you manufacture and track goods easily.




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Sometimes before you are convinced to buy a product, you need to see it in action first.
That’s what demos are for.

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